New version of ProCash/FOnet with support for the automated teller safe

At Wincor World, Wincor Nixdorf is presenting a new expanded version of its successful software solution ProCash/FOnet for attended self-service. For the first time, FOnet will now also operate ATS systems (automated teller safes) alongside conventional self-service systems, thus enabling financial institutions to operate their branches with one single standard application. Tellers can address either the ATM or ATS system for each transaction, so that during periods of heavy use of the bank’s ATMs, the staff can redirect customers to the attended area and dispense cash from the ATS systems. Because operation of both the ATS and ATM systems uses the same software, has the same look and feel, and has comparable procedures, this process simplifies work for the staff. Each workstation can be configured with a preferred mode – ATM or ATS. The product is scheduled for general release in March of this year.

In the operation of attended self-service, ProCash/FOnet completely integrates the self-service systems into the staff’s handling of cash transactions. Under ProCash/FOnet, those cash transactions that are not directly handled via self-service, such as large withdrawals, are still handled by bank staff, but the corresponding cash amounts are paid out or in at a self-service system. In attended self-service, any number of front-office workstations and any number of self-service systems can be integrated into the front-office network.

The new version of ProCash/FOnet that controls both ATM and ATS systems can be integrated into the Wincor Nixdorf platform ProClassic/Enterprise. This solution is based on J2EE application servers; it possesses multiclient capability and is therefore suitable for operation within large networks. FOnet is oriented to network-centered infrastructures and is platform-independent. Its straightforward, individual customizing facilities make the solution even more flexible.

Wincor Nixdorf is the market leader in the area of solutions for attended self-service.