The Kompetenzteam [new bank] presents new solutions and concepts for branches

At Wincor World, the Kompetenzteam [new bank], incorporating the combined expertise of ten companies from a variety of sectors, is introducing new concepts and solutions for the bank branch of tomorrow. In addition to innovative, sales-oriented design concepts, this team offers intelligent multifunctional solutions for targeting customers and visionary layouts for future branches.

More and more banks are placing greater value on stationary sales. For sustained success in the branch banking sector it will be necessary to implement new concepts for customer loyalty and customer address. This is exactly where the Kompetenzteam [new bank] comes in. It provides an interdisciplinary analysis of banks’ core topics and questions, and supplies innovative and progressive branch concepts for savings banks and other financial institutions. The team’s top priority is the holistic planning and implementation of sales-oriented branch solutions that incorporate considerations of staff, space and technology.

One innovative solution aimed at creating the necessary technical and spatial flexibility in the branch is the free-standing compact self-service island, which is being introduced at Wincor World and has already been implemented in practice. Depending on the size of the branch and the type of self-service technology required, this circular, oval or rectangular island can accommodate between two and eight self-service devices. Options include either a stationary self-service island solution or a mobile island that uses air cushion technology.

Integrating a self-service island into the banking hall itself offers the branch numerous advantages. Customers are no longer sent to “stand in the corner”, they are free to choose their own positions at the island and to keep the front office area in view while using the equipment. This encourages visual rapport between the self-service and assisted service areas and gives the staff closer contact with their customers. And in such an environment, the customer is more likely to take note of the bank’s current campaigns and offers.

Wincor Nixdorf will be marketing the self-service island concept together with partners from the competence team and the Thies company, specialists in interior finishing work.