Edeka orders 500 Revendo 8000 systems Edeka Zentralhandelsgesellschaft has placed an order with Wincor Nixdorf for 500 reverse vending machines. These systems, which automate the return of both recyclable and disposable bottles and cans, are to be shipped in the course of the year and largely installed over the first six months. By winning this order, Wincor Nixdorf has secured a significant share of the systems required at Edeka. As early as December 2005, another German retailing company had already ordered 600 Revendo 8000 systems together with background logistics. Rollout to this customer’s stores has already begun and is expected to be completed by May 1. "With the award of these two projects, we have now received, according to our estimates, a total of one third of the order volume awarded in Germany in recent months for reverse vending systems. This means that business is developing according to our expectations," says Jürgen Wilde, who is responsible in Wincor Nixdorf AG's Board of Directors for solutions for retail businesses. In addition to the reverse vending machines themselves, the Edeka project consists of the necessary background technology, including compactors, plus services such as installation, commissioning and service packs. The 500 ReVendo 8000 systems will be installed at chain stores affiliated with Edeka’s wholesale operations. There is also the possibility that independent retailers in the Edeka group will order additional reverse vending machines from Wincor Nixdorf. ReVendo 8000 is a combined system for taking back both disposable and reyclable bottles and crates. The systems can be integrated easily in retailing companies’ IT landscapes by means of a standardized interface. Thanks to transfer of receipt data from the reversing vending machine to the POS system, inventory discrepancies can be reduced significantly and end-of-day reconciliation can be transferred automatically to the system.