BEETLE /X-Series offers improved availability and optimized TCO Wincor Nixdorf is expanding its tried-and-trusted family of BEETLE electronic point-of-sale systems with the new X-series offering significantly improved availability and serviceability. The X models have the benefit of a modular, dustproof design and low power consumption. The first member of the X series, the BEETLE /MX, will be available as a full production system from January 2007, and the entire X series will be presented for the first time at Wincor World at the end of January 2007. The X models have been designed for retailers who use slimline ePOS applications and attach great importance to high availability and low cost across the entire product life-cycle (TCO). The system design has been tried and tested for three years in a customer project and has now been refined further using the latest technology and for the latest market requirements. These include the ability for service technicians or trained store personnel to easily swap out components. The BEETLE /MX uses the especially power-saving Celeron M Ultra Low Voltage processor which uses a mere 5.5 watts (for comparison, standard Pentium 4 processors consume up to 80 watts). Low power usage and the resultant lower heat emissions permit a dustproof system design and much lower operating costs. As an alternative to a hard drive, a non-volatile Flash memory from msystems (called “mModule uDOC”) is being offered for the first time, making a further significant improvement to system reliability. The solid-state Flash memory technology used in the mModule uDOC and the built-in patented TrueFFS™ memory management guarantee a long life of over five million write/delete cycles per cell, equivalent to long-term use of over ten years, thus enabling it to be used as an alternative to a hard drive. “The design has already proven its worth in customer applications within grocery retail environments”, explains Winfried Nolte, Product Marketing Manager at Wincor Nixdorf. He says the BEETLE /MX is the ideal system platform for retailers who request high reliability and optimized serviceability and for whom processor power is a lesser consideration. In terms of what it can do, the system corresponds to the tried-and-trusted BEETLE /M-II which continues to be offered with higher-powered processors. Wincor Nixdorf will be offering more members of the ePOS system family complete with X series technology by the middle of 2007.