Securing ATM transactions through biometric procedures At CeBIT, Wincor Nixdorf shows how ATM transactions can be additionally secured with the integration of biometric identification procedures. Wincor Nixdorf has been involved with the practical application of biometric procedures for more than ten years now, and has carried out numerous pilot projects with customers internationally. At CeBIT, the company is presenting one of many possible applications. In the process on display, the tried-and-tested PIN is not replaced by biometric procedures; instead, it is made even more secure with the addition of fingerprint matching. After inserting the card and entering a PIN, the customer is requested to place his/her finger on the sensor. The fingerprint is then scanned and compared to a template installed in the database. This so-called “one-to-one” comparison enables a highly secure authentication of each bank customer. With the implementation of this technology, fraudulent reading of card data and tapping of PINs is rendered useless, since only the person whose fingerprint matches the biometric data stored in the database is allowed to complete the transaction. For securing teller station workplaces or PC networks, Wincor Nixdorf already offers a biometric authorization solution using fingerprint technology. Audit-proof tracking of attempts to misuse the system is possible with the implementation of ProTectWork/Enterprise, since logging on under another user name is no longer possible. ProTectWork/Enterprise is server-based and can be used internationally.