Wincor Nixdorf becomes a member of the RFID/EPC global implementation network of GS1 Germany Wincor Nixdorf has become a full member of the worldwide RFID/EPC global network and in future will help shape the standardization of the Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) and the Electronic Product Code (EPC). Wincor Nixdorf, as one of the world’s leading suppliers of IT solutions for banking and retail companies, will bring its know-how into the specialized group “RFID/EPC service providers”. The goal of this group is to drive forward the application and concrete conversion of international standards in dialog with users from the areas of retail, industry and logistics. Wincor Nixdorf places great importance on the implementation of RFID and EPC, particularly in the field of retail. “Just like 30 years ago with the introduction of the barcode, we’ll accompany and support our customers with the integration of this new technology in all processes and also use it to optimize our own internal processes in production and logistics“, said Reinhard Rabenstein, Wincor Nixdorf’s chief technology officer. Above and beyond the retail and banking sectors, Wincor Nixdorf is currently active for customers in the postal, lottery and service station industries and will also contribute its expertise from these business areas to the work of the standardization committee. Wincor Nixdorf can already offer retail companies and industry-supplier companies the opportunity of investigating how RFID and EPC might be implemented in their processes, from the supply chain to the store, along with the option of integrating these solutions where their benefit can be demonstrated. At the Metro Group stand (Hall 6, Stand E 50) Wincor Nixdorf is demonstrating how RFID technology can be implemented in the chill chain for the quality assurance of groceries. With the combination of RFID and sensor technology, the chill chain can be continually monitored from the manufacturer to the retail store.