International sharing of expertise among top decision-makers Wincor World 2006, which was held in Paderborn, Germany between January 24 and 26, met the high expectations made of it. The event organizers and the over 70 co-exhibitors said they were especially satisfied with the high level of professional expertise shown during the discussions held. More than 60% of what were once again well over 7,000 visitors came from abroad, with a discernable shift in the mix of countries. “More and more high-level IT managers came from key growth regions for our Company – such as eastern Europe, Asia and the countries of North and South America”, said Andreas Bruck, Head of Corporate Communications at Wincor Nixdorf. There were huge crowds at the two symposia and the numerous workshops. “In terms of our international visitors, our model of offering first-hand information as well as the exhibition hall presentations has really proven its worth”, said Bruck, and the products and solutions on show had offered the right answers to the questions on the minds of the decision-makers who attended. Great interest was shown by banking and retail delegates alike in issues such as end-to-end optimization of cash-related processes, assisted in the banking segment by a new cash recycling system that comes with a coin module and can use deposited notes and coins for withdrawals. In high demand in both segments once again were net-centric software solutions for branch and store use, making it easier to conduct maintenance and distribute updates. In retail, new checkout technologies such as self-service checkouts and automation issues like systems for handling bottle, jar and can returns were met with special interest.