Security components

Anti-skimming solutions

Skimming attacks have increased rapidly over the past years. 7,722 skimming incidents were reported for 2011 in Europe alone – and resulted in cash losses totaling €232 million. Furthermore, the negative press on successful skimming attacks is increasingly undermining bank customers’ confidence in the security of their card data – and even in their banks.
As part of its multi-step security concept, Wincor Nixdorf offers two different anti-skimming solutions.


Two different solutions are available to protect against skimming attacks.

The mechanical anti-skimming mechanism consists of plastic parts that can be mounted in the card reader slot. The shape of the special insert is designed to prevent tampering through skimming mechanisms, but at the same time, does not restrict ATM usage. The anti-skimming mechanism is equipped with security technology that puts the machine out of service as soon as the insert is destroyed or the machine removed by force.

The intelligent anti-skimming device monitors the entire card slot environment for illegally mounted intrusion mechanisms. This security module is installed in the ATM and is not visible from outside. The device is able to detect or disturb both analog and digital skimming attacks.


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