Modular PostalKiosk MPS

modular. intelligent. ergonomic.

Modular PostalKiosk MPS

Modular Self-Service Terminal for use in 24/7 area

Rapid changes due to the expansion of e-commerce have increased the parcel volume in recent years and are therefore increasing challenges for postal organizations. Our modular Postal Kiosk combines flexibility and investment protection in a unique way in the postal industry. The use of this solution enables migration of easy standard transactions from counter to the self-service area (e.g. parcel labels, stamps, etc.)


Make use of the benefits of a flexible module based system

Customer-specific use cases and different location conditions in the postal branch require customer specific self-service solutions. Our modular Postal Kiosk can be flexibly adapted to different customer needs. To ensure this flexibility a modular concept was selected as basis for our kiosk solution, which includes a base module and flexibly selectable module boxes e.g. label- and stamp printer, if required with a scale or a signature pad).




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