Optimal processes in stores and at headquarters with Wincor Nixdorf Cash management, reverse vending, customer service and process control at both the store and headquarters levels – these are the areas in which Wincor Nixdorf’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions means increased efficiency for retail companies. Examples include mobile applications for both employees and management and the automation of routine tasks and manual processes in cash handling. Efficiency through mobility. In order to help retail businesses streamline their workflows and provide even better customer service, Wincor Nixdorf offers a variety of store processes to be managed via mobile devices. For example, mobile POS stations can be implemented at peak times. An innovation in the TP Application Suite is a touch-operated, Web-capable administration component of the store software for use by the store manager. It enables intuitive, mobile access to typical administration functions such as master data and cash management or reporting. Store managers can use tablet PCs, for example, to track and control their store processes – anytime, anywhere. The TP Application Suite also offers other mobile applications. Efficiency in cash processes. Cash processing offers great potential for increases in efficiency, because in most cases, cash processing is still a manual activity that takes place at the POS and, later, in the store’s cash office. And cash handling is expensive. Wincor Nixdorf has a holistic concept for the efficient organization and control of the cash cycle that enables costs to be cut by more than 20 percent and thus ensures that retail companies can operate more profitably. The solution consists of consulting, hardware, software and services. The concept goes far beyond optimizing cash cycles at retail stores; it also integrates cash-in-transit providers, cash centers and the cycle between retailers and banks. Cash Cycle Management Solutions offer a uniform solution platform for all retailing scenarios. The portfolio’s individual components can be used in attended or self-service checkout concepts and in the cash office. An intelligent banknote storage concept enables storage media to be exchanged within the new CINEO system family, allowing banknotes taken as payment in retail stores to be dispensed by automated teller machines. Efficiency at headquarters. Functions such as central system control, centralized, Web-capable reporting, the integration of centralized merchandise management and the administration of customer loyalty programs are covered by the TP Enterprise Solutions software modules. Wincor Nixdorf also offers a portfolio for SAP Retail that dovetails seamlessly with the solutions in the TP Application Suite, including the new industry-specific preconfigured SAP Retail templates, which are tailored to the needs of SME businesses and their retail segments. Efficiency in international projects. Projects involving TP Application Suite have been realized in more than 70 countries around the world. Retail companies all over the globe can count on a uniform software platform that controls all their processes – from the stores to headquarters. Existing IT structures can be integrated seamlessly, and both national and customer-specific requirements can be addressed through a network of more than 450 software specialists at Wincor Nixdorf's 60 Competence Centers around the world.