Modernizing the self-service landscape with self-service outsourcing solutions from Wincor Nixdorf

Reducing costs and simultaneously increasing quality and availability – those are the requirements of banks and retail companies when outsourcing their systems and processes to external service providers. Within its outsourcing portfolio, Wincor Nixdorf has optimized its self-service outsourcing offer to fulfill these demands even more precisely. Today, this offer stands for the modernization of the self-service landscape and a strategic reorientation. As an end-to-end provider, Wincor Nixdorf covers the complete spectrum of services, from classic maintenance and repairs to the operation of self-service systems, IT infrastructures and applications, and all the way to controlling cash and payment processes for its customers. Beyond this, Wincor Nixdorf can take on complete management with regard to the contract, individual services and service levels or, for example, a possible takeover of assets and personnel.

These services can be provided not just for systems from Wincor Nixdorf, but also for devices from other vendors. A key element of Wincor Nixdorf’s self-service outsourcing portfolio is remote monitoring, around the clock, of all of a bank’s self-service systems. Sources of errors and malfunctions are detected immediately and can be eliminated without delay. Software distribution is also possible. Central control of self-service systems means that banks are relieved of operating their devices themselves, resulting in business process optimization and significant cost reductions for their businesses.

Cash services and transaction processing
Cash services from Wincor Nixdorf represent yet another outsourcing offer, depending on the customer’s strategy. These services optimize retailers’ and banks’ cash holdings, the frequency of cash removal and replenishment, and logistics control. In the transaction processing environment, Wincor Nixdorf can take over parts of the technical and operative management of all transaction processes between the terminal devices and the bank’s host systems.
Wincor Nixdorf provides these services successfully in the key outsourcing countries like Great Britain, the Netherlands and Germany. Each country spotlights different things. Whereas in England priority is given to operation of large ATM networks and transaction processing, banks in the Netherlands tend to concentrate on optimizing and managing the cash cycle right down to the branch. In Germany, on the other hand, banks focus on the management of cost-intensive branch structures, up to and including help desk operations. The management of self-service operations plays an especially important role, since a growing number of services is being moved to the self-service zone and customers expect to be offered 24/7 availability.

At Wincor World, Wincor Nixdorf will present customer scenario analyses of the entire added value chain with the goal of identifying processes that are good candidates for outsourcing. For this purpose, customers use an interactive dialog to select important requirements and trends for an outsourcing project. The tool displays the services that Wincor Nixdorf can offer to support outsourcing. Customers then identify the criteria that they regard as critical for an outsourcing project, deciding, for example, how important technical optimization is, whether an open and flexible contract is desired, or whether they want to focus on cost savings or added value for their businesses. The data they select are analyzed as part of the dialog, and a graphical display is then produced of the entire lifecycle of a possible outsourcing project with Wincor Nixdorf.

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