Shell customers use the offered cash service – extension of banking services planned More than 800,000 customers have already made use of the cash service offered at service stations belonging to Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH, with over 3.4 million withdrawals having been made to date. That is the positive interim result of the Integrated Cash Management (ICM) project between Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH and Postbank, which has been undertaken together with Wincor Nixdorf as the technology partner. “We're very pleased with these figures and are sure that we’ll be able to improve customer acceptance even further,“ says Frank Domann, Project Manager Retail at Shell. Since the mass rollout was completed in June 2010, the cash that Shell customers hand over as payment is deposited straight into an assisted ATM by a member of staff at 1,300 of the 2,200 service stations in Germany. The deposited cash is then used for dispensing if customers wish to make withdrawals from their Postbank accounts. Retail and banking functions are thus united in a single device, with the aim of optimizing cash logistics. As a consequence, customers can not only stock up on fuel, but also on cash when they stop at one of Shell’s service stations. The solution consists of Wincor Nixdorf’s Integrated Cash Management (ICM) system – a package of different hardware, software and service modules that enable automated deposits and dispensing as well as recycling of banknotes and coins. According to Frank Domann, some of the service stations have already reached recycling rates of up to 80 percent. This extends cash removal intervals at the service stations and provides cost savings for Postbank, which is responsible for the cash logistics. Postbank manager Kai Schlüter believes that a recycling rate between 60 and 80 percent is sufficient to make the business model viable. Shell Germany and its service station partners benefit from the automation of cash processes in several ways. Ludger Droste, Shell partner in Menden with a total of ten service stations, has experienced a significant reduction in the time required for shift changes and cash balancing, for example. But the most important aspect for him is the increase in security: Previously, his service stations were the target of two or three robberies a year, but since the new solution was introduced there has only been one attempted robbery – by a criminal who obviously did not know that cash at Shell stations is stored securely in safes that employees do not have access to either. “My employees feel much safer now, and that also has a positive effect on the work climate,” says Ludger Droste. Shell manager Frank Domann confirms that word about the new, secure technology has gotten around quickly in the criminal environment and that this has lead to a “drastic reduction in the number of raids on Shell stations.” In addition, the system is also an aid to customer loyalty: Postbank significantly extends its ATM network while Shell Germany offers its customers an additional service – a service that is made even more attractive thanks to a fuel price discount of one cent per liter for customers who pay with their Postbank girocard or two cents per liter if they pay with a gold Postbank girocard. “The cash service not only enables our partners to increase the loyalty of existing customers, but has also won them new customers," Frank Domann notes happily. Postbank, Shell and Wincor Nixdorf intend to expand the successful cash service model by equipping more of the 2,200 Shell stations in Germany with the ICM solution. In addition, the provision of an extended range of banking services is currently being tested at six service stations. Here, Postbank has installed Wincor Nixdorf ATMs that customers can use to view and print account statements, make funds transfers and set up standing orders. “Initial figures on the usage of these services are promising,” reports Shell manager Frank Domann.