Improved speed and availability: Wincor Nixdorf’s CCDM technology evolves Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions and services to retail banks and retailers, today announced that the company has reached a new milestone concerning its leading Cash/Check Deposit Modules (CCDM) technology. The company’s modules that allow for the deposit of bundles of banknotes and checks at ATMs will benefit from enhanced security and greater availability which will ensure improved transaction volumes per system. Since 2002, Wincor Nixdorf has installed nearly 40,000 CCDMs at banks making it the world’s leader in systems with modules for bundle processing of banknotes and checks. “We’ve pooled all our experience from customer projects in 70 countries to develop an enhanced solution even more,” says Mr. Uwe Krause, Director of Global Marketing at Wincor Nixdorf. By optimizing the mechanical processing of notes and checks, the system’s developers have succeeded in reducing jam rates by up to 25 percent improving system availability. In addition, further developments of the software ensure that counterfeit banknotes are recognized more reliably and quickly and can be removed from circulation. “The rapid optimization carried out by our R&D team was possible because both the hardware and software are in-house developments, and are designed to work together.” “The goal of the improvements is to increase the overall transaction volume on each system through higher availability, and ultimately to enhance customer satisfaction,” adds Mr. Krause. Intelligent deposit systems from Wincor Nixdorf streamline the entire cash and check handling process. Cash and checks are first authenticated using state-of-the-art image processing technology. The entire posting process that follows is automated, eliminating the need for manual processing. According to US-based analyst Tower Group, every ATM envelope deposit costs US$ 1.70 while every transaction at the bank teller costs US$1.40. In contrast, checks deposited in bundles via a Wincor Nixdorf CCDM system are automatically scanned, reducing the bank's costs to just US 40 cents per transaction. The Cash/Check Deposit Module is in use in countries such as Spain, Russia, and Turkey in addition to the U.S. Currently the solution can process 40 different currencies.