Cash Cycle Management Solution Base: Modular software for cross-sector cash-management Wincor Nixdorf presents Cash Cycle Management Solution Base (CCMS Base) version 1.0. This software can be used not only to control and optimize cash processes in bank branches and retail stores, but also to manage the entire cash provision chain from the branch or store all the way to the central bank. When used in combination with hardware from the new CINEO system generation, the software's individual modules ensure transparency and greater security, and support cross-sector cash processes. CCMS Base consolidates information from systems such as ATMs, cash recycling systems at banks, automated POS systems at retail stores, or data from logistics or cash centers, and prepares it for process control. The software is based on a modern architecture and has a modular structure. The main components are solutions for tracking note storage units, order monitoring, cash brokerage and cash inventory monitoring. Where's my cash? The Container Tracking module provides an answer to this question. In addition to providing information from individual systems, it also details how many banknote containers are in transit, how much cash they each contain, and how many are at the cash center at that moment. How much cash is there, and where is it? Cash Level Monitoring delivers inventory information that is broken down to the level of individual systems, and provides details of how much cash is in transit. All this information is displayed on the module’s clearly structured dashboard. Who’s transporting my cash? Order Monitoring keeps track of the logistics chain and ensures end-to-end documentation of all cash transports. Which bank branches or stores need cash, and where are the surpluses? Cash Brokerage forms a hub between individual stores or branches, checking continually to determine whether, for example, a high number of ATM withdrawals at bank branch has reduced its cash holdings to below a previously set level. In parallel, this module also monitors cash holdings in retail branches. Comparing this inventory data can result in cross-sector cash transfers: excess cash from a retail environment no longer needs to be removed to a cash center. Instead, it can be used to directly replenish a bank's cash points. CCMS Base integrates two of Wincor Nixdorf’s existing solutions – ProView, which is used to monitor the online connection of systems, and PC/E Cash Management, which helps businesses optimize the cash holdings in their cash points. In the future, Wincor Nixdorf will also be using CCMS Base to control service processes. As part of its Managed Services, Wincor Nixdorf can take over the planning and optimization of a customer’s cash inventories as well as the management of the customer's cash logistics within precise timeframes. Cash Cycle Management Solutions Base also integrates information from retail stores that is delivered by its software TPCash, which controls, automates and optimizes cash-related in-store processes.