Cash Cycle Management Consulting delivers innovative processes and solid ROI Cash processes at retail businesses, banks and cash-in-transit companies are labor-intensive, inefficient, frequently lack transparency and are fraught with security risks. But which points of the complex cash supply chain offer the greatest potential for optimizing processes and reducing cash handling costs? With its new Cash Cycle Management Consulting portfolio, Wincor Nixdorf delivers concrete solution approaches and helps customers safeguard their investment decisions. An analysis of existing processes is the first step, forming a basis for the development of strategies and a variety of scenarios for optimal cash processes. The consulting portfolio also includes concrete ROI (return-on-investment) calculations for individual solution scenarios. In the retail world, with its different store formats and checkout concepts, there is enormous variety in cash processes. In retail banking, too, processes depend on a variety of factors such as customer structure or country-specific requirements. For this reason, Wincor Nixdorf developed Cash Cycle Optimizer in close cooperation with world leading consulting companies. This software tool for process analysis is based on branch-specific processes, know-how, industry standards and best practices, and is able to evaluate a wide range of data and parameters from both bank branches and retail stores. The results of the analysis can point the way toward new processes, determine specific savings potential, and help define new solution scenarios. “We offer banks and retail companies an analysis that does more than just evaluate cash processes at the branch level. If required, we can also include entire branch or store networks in our optimization strategies, including cash provision and removal by cash-in-transit companies,” explains Thomas Certa, who heads up Solution Marketing at Wincor Nixdorf. With Cash Cycle Management Consulting, solution scenarios leading to significantly lower costs, greater transparency, and greater security in cash processes and cash handling can be developed jointly with banks, retail companies, cash-in-transit providers and operators. Once a decision has been made to test one or more solution scenarios in a live environment, Wincor Nixdorf can also take over the integration of pilot installations in banks’ and retail companies’ individual IT environments, including project management and an assessment of the pilot project results.