Multifunctional, secure,highly available and with an outstanding design

CINEO: “Most comprehensive portfolio on the market”

Wincor Nixdorf is extending the CINEO product portfolio – which includes cash dispensers, cash recycling systems, automated teller safes, transaction terminals and POS systems – with new systems that automate cash processes and increase customer satisfaction for banks and retail businesses. Wincor World will see the presentation of other CINEO devices that meet a wide variety of requirements. “With these new systems, we now have the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of retail and banking systems based on a uniform technology platform,” says Uwe Krause, Head of Global Marketing at Wincor Nixdorf.

At Wincor World 2011, Wincor Nixdorf will be presenting further CINEO systems to extend the system family and thus offer banks a wide-ranging flexibility in implementing their individual self-service strategies. For the first time, visitors to the trade fair will be able to see the CINEO series of automated teller machines or ATMs. CINEO systems offer outstanding design, solutions for any size footprint, and above all, multifunctionality. Examples of functions include passbook processing, automated processing of bundled checks, and cash deposit. In addition, a variety of peripherals is available. Configuration options that allow four, five, or eight cassettes enable customer banks to offer additional services, such as the dispensing of several denominations at one machine.

CINEO systems offer users new options for cash handling. The core element is an innovative banknote storage concept. Intelligent, end-to-end cassettes enable cash to be exchanged directly between different cash points in the branch (automated teller machines, cash recycling systems and automated teller safes) and thus kept in the cash cycle.

All the cash systems and transaction terminals in the CINEO family have an identical look and feel. Their attractive product design features intuitive operation and fulfills ergonomics standards from around the world. This design, which received a Red Dot award, ensures a positive image transfer for customer banks.
The CINEO family is characterized by maximum performance, including both rapid transaction processing and the newest banknote recognition technology as well as – in the case of the terminals – high printing speed. As early as the development phase, top priority was given to quality down to the detail level and highest availability. The latter is guaranteed by the ‘talking devices' features of the systems, which set new standards in serviceability: The systems automatically provide a broad array of operating information. This technology thus ensures active system management.

CINEO systems enable maximum security for banks and their customers: For example, the new Anti-Skimming II module thwarts attempts to steal card data that take place when a skimming device is attached to the card entry slot of an ATM and the customer’s PIN is stolen. The module recognizes a wide variety of skimmers when they are mounted on the ATM, and disrupts them in their attempts to read card data. In addition, Optical Security Guard – Wincor Nixdorf’s optimal system monitoring solution – protects the new CINEO systems from a wide array of attacks. Intelligent recognition processes mean that criminal alterations to the device, such as keypad overlays, skimming devices, hidden or disguised cameras, or other changes – such as those that enable cash trapping – are identified immediately.