Cash Supply Manager: Key role in closed cash cycles

Wincor Nixdorf’s Cash Cycle Management Solutions offer a foundation for cost-optimized, secure cash processes that, for the first time, can build bridges between the cash processes of retail companies and banks. In this cross-sector concept featuring innovative hardware, software and an extensive portfolio of services, the Cash Supply Manager (CSM) software is a central building block, which plays a key role in the correct preparation and use of the concept’s new intelligent banknote storage system.

In CINEO environments, Cash Supply Manager is the basis for complete cash management in bank branches, retail stores, cash-in-transit companies (CiT) or cash centers. The software establishes a link to the CINEO D1000 docking station, which is used for the secure opening and refilling or removal of the cash in a cassette.

Cash Supply Manager monitors and documents the process of opening cassettes that are docked in the CINEO D1000, writes information to the data storage in the microchip integrated in each cassette, and reads any information already stored there. In addition to saving inventory information on the chip, the software also stores logistics information that is used by the central software CCMS Base to monitor cassette movements, and evaluates information on suspected manipulation. If a manipulated cassette is placed in the docking station, the software sends a corresponding message to the person operating the station. A red light on the front of the unit not only shows whether the manipulation protection function is activated, it also signals manipulation attempts.

CSM is likewise used to configure and initialize CINEO cassettes. The user merely needs to choose between recycling, dispensing, or deposit mode, and specify the currencies and number of denominations being processed.
As an option, inventory information from ProView, a remote monitoring and control tool, can be used to provide users with references to potential deployment of the cassette at other cash points. It shows which cassettes at a particular site could be exchanged, for example between an automated teller safe and a cash dispenser.

Every process is documented in a journal in an audit-proof manner. CSM can be used in bank branches and retail stores, but also by CiT companies and cash centers.