Transparent service information with management dashboards – anytime, anywhere

Wincor Nixdorf has developed a management dashboard solution (Management Information System) that provides banks and retail companies with a graphical view of system, service and cash processes using dashboards. This enables customers access anytime to current information on the status of their self-service systems and all cash and process data, and provides them with transparency as regards their cash flows and IT availability. The data for these overviews is collected from information delivered by the Wincor Nixdorf eServices Platform, and is then consolidated and graphically processed. Another advantage for customers is the ability to see, at any time, which service processes have been initiated to correct problems.

At the moment, approximately 72,500 systems are connected to the Wincor Nixdorf eServices Platform. This means that every day, around two million system and process messages flow through the platform. Special links in this data help transform it into graphical business and service information that can be displayed on dashboards in an aggregated form.

Information on availability

The dashboard view offers users information on the availability of their IT systems, networks and applications, either as a snapshot of the current situation or as a trend that includes the recent past. Downtimes and bottlenecks are instantaneously identified, and the effect of measures introduced to deal with them can be seen immediately in the graphical display. This level of monitoring results in a high degree of transparency as regards accumulations of errors. Moreover, the volume of transactions at self-service systems is monitored so that unusual trends can be identified. And the user has an overview of the amounts of cash in circulation in conjunction with current provision and removal orders as well as the cash levels in the self-service systems. In the event of, for example, a skimming attack on a self-service system, an alarm message is generated immediately. The use of web technologies means that this information is available anytime, anywhere, even on mobile end devices such as smart phones.