Wincor Nixdorf presents intelligent solutions for Kids & Teens Banking Wincor Nixdorf is set to showcase new solutions at Wincor World that are designed to win children and teenagers as customers and keep them loyal to their bank. The solutions represent enhancements to the current retail banking portfolio and provide young customers with a direct banking experience. The offer includes software known as the Moneybox (‘Sparbüchse’), an application designed specifically for school-age children, and a solution that sends loan advice for young adults to an iPad. Individual concepts that target children and young people are of huge strategic importance for retail banks. Falling population figures, above all in the countries of Western Europe, and the shift in the age pyramid worldwide are expected to increase the average age of existing customer bases. It is therefore vital for retail banks to position themselves with concrete offers in the competition for young target groups and not to waste time in the process. Former product, service and entertainment concepts are often inadequate. These are largely confined to savings and pocket money accounts for school students, to the occasional kids play area in the branch and to more or less professionally designed “kids pages” on bank web sites. The situation for young adults is similar. Many of the services offered by banks, providing for example future-oriented advice, are not transparent and are seldom communicated over the modern channels now popular among young people. All too often, the bank “brand” and the products on offer are not immediately visible, despite the fact that branch banks are already losing considerable market share in precisely in this age group. Wincor Nixdorf therefore presents solutions that make it possible for banks to offer kids, teens and young adults seamless technology-based support, with advice, products and services geared to the individual age groups. These are: 1. Wincor Nixdorf presents a special Moneybox solution for kids, which enables them to deposit cash, collect savings points and choose savings gifts at the cash machine. In this way, kids acquire hands-on experience of managing their own savings accounts. 2. With its Value Added Services@mobile solution, Wincor Nixdorf integrates special value-added services in the mobile banking application. Young adults can use it to redeem vouchers or coupons for specific products, services or even bank events via their mobile phones. 3. Another of Wincor Nixdorf’s applications delivers loan advice to young adults on their iPads. The software offers personalized, need-related functions, including analysis of the young client’s income and expenditure and calculation of a viable loan option. 4. A games terminal for kids from OrgaControl Ltd. with a multimedia chair (, designatics production) helps retail banks set up a special play zone for kids and teens in the branch. This leaves parents to consult with bank staff in peace and adds to the positive bank experience for parents and their offspring. The Wincor Nixdorf solutions spotlighted here enable retail banks to strike a unique position for the kids and teens age group and, consequently, to win and keep new customers over the long term. The investments needed to do so are perfectly reasonable. For example, a branch’s existing technology can be used for the kids’ Moneybox application as well as for the mobile value-added services. At Wincor Word 2011 Wincor Nixdorf will be demonstrating practical examples of all the new product developments mentioned here.