PC/E Teller Operations: “Front-office processes are largely automated”

PC/E Teller Operations is Wincor Nixdorf’s state-of-the-art front-office software for processing both cash and non-cash transactions in bank branches. The solution has proven itself at numerous European financial institutions. Among Wincor Nixdorf’s customers for this solution is Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank) – the retail bank of LBBW, the central bank of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The software has helped BW-Bank automate a wide variety of standard transaction postings in its current account, savings account, foreign currency and check business.

Retail banks are increasingly relying on their bank branches as a place for personal contact. The point of this development is to nurture the relationship between the customer and the bank – through new and innovative branch concepts and by offering the highest quality in service and consulting. Employees at the bank counter represent the initial point of contact for the customer, and thus need applications that offer on-demand support for their daily tasks.

PC/E Teller Operations impresses these users through its clear, intuitive user interface and its ease of operation. “Front office processes should largely be automated so that our staff can concentrate completely on customers,” says Markus Dollmann, who is responsible for IT products at LBBW. What’s more, the staff of BW-Bank appreciates the lean processes and low error incidence when managing cash holdings with PC/E Teller Operations. "Our end-of-day closing has become much easier. Incorrect postings have nearly been eliminated, and that ensures trouble-free work processes,” says Dollmann.

The bank’s employees praise the solution’s transaction processing, which functions rapidly, simply and completely without media discontinuities or the need for other applications. The software also complies with system-side legal requirements such as those of the German money laundering legislation. Depending on the configuration, transactions, once initiated, are processed automatically, lightening the workload on the bank’s employees. All processes are documented in an electronic journal that also provides search criteria for the eventuality of later research.

PC/E Teller Operations integrates special banking peripheral devices – savings book or document printers, card readers or automated teller safes, for example – from a wide variety of vendors. The integration of services such as multichannel provision of product campaigns for targeted customer address means that channel-specific implementation is no longer necessary.