Wincor Nixdorf leading in the field of cash and check deposit automation No other company has installed more ATMs with automated deposit functionality in Western Europe than Wincor Nixdorf. This is one of the findings of a study conducted by London-based strategic research and consulting firm Retail Banking Research, which examined the deployment of automated deposit terminals (ADTs) in 46 countries worldwide, including in 14 important markets in Western Europe. According to the study, which is entitled “Deposit Automation and Recycling 2010”, Wincor Nixdorf was the leading supplier of ADTs in Western Europe with a 37 percent share of installations at the end of 2009. Automated deposit terminals enable both banknotes and checks to be deposited and processed automatically. In 2005, Wincor Nixdorf was the first company to present a system for bulk check deposits. Only two years later, the technology received an award from the Banking Technology magazine for being one of the most innovative solutions in the banking sector. Together with customers from all over the world, the solution has since been refined and improved, with the technology having been installed 10,000 times in the U.S. alone. The solution promises great economic benefits: analysts from the Tower Group have calculated that the costs for check deposits at the counter have been reduced from 1.40 U.S. dollars to only 40 U.S. cents. In addition, Wincor Nixdorf was and continues to be an innovation leader in the field of cash recycling, where deposited banknotes can be made available for dispensing after having been authenticated by the system. Well over 20,000 of these systems have been installed by Wincor Nixdorf, with 80 percent of all German banks already using this shortcut in the cash cycle. And Wincor Nixdorf continues to advance the automation of deposit and cash processes: The recently introduced CINEO system generation enables cash processes to be completely redesigned. “The systems’ innovative banknote storage concept allows cassettes from deposit systems to be used in automated teller safes, for example. Numerous other scenarios, even one that involves cooperation between banks and retailers, are also possible,” says Uwe Krause, Director Global Marketing at Wincor Nixdorf. “This new system generation will enable us to enhance our market position even further, and not just in the field of deposit systems," Krause adds.