Secure, automated, customer-friendly

The latest solution scenarios for banks and retail companies are on display at Wincor World 2011

New solution scenarios that enable the automation of the cash cycles of banks and retail companies are at the heart of Wincor World 2011, which begins today. There Wincor Nixdorf and 40 of its partners will be presenting some 600 exhibits across 10,000 square meters of exhibition space. These exhibits form a foundation on which, among other things, Wincor Nixdorf will show how cashless payments can be processed, how branches and stores can be redesigned for greater security and customer-friendliness, and how POS processes in retail stores can be automated. In addition to the exhibition, the 7,000 visitors expected from more than 90 countries around the world can take advantage of nearly 60 presentations from experts in the retail and banking sectors plus a variety of practice-oriented workshops.

Just one year after introducing its concept for re-orienting cash processes, Wincor Nixdorf can report decisive steps forward in the introduction of its new technology. At Wincor World, Eckard Heidloff, President and CEO of Wincor Nixdorf, presented the latest project: In the Netherlands, a cash-in-transit (CiT) company, a bank and a retail company are testing the cross-sector networking of their cash cycles. The “intelligent” cash cassettes, which are automatically filled with the day's takings at the retail store’s checkouts, are transported by the CiT company to a bank and inserted directly into the bank's ATMs to replenish their supply of cash. The retailer no longer has to count this cash manually, and neither the retailer’s nor the bank's staff ever have direct contact with the banknotes. “The great level of interest in our Cash Cycle Management Solutions and our new CINEO hardware system generation with its software-platform have confirmed for us that we’re on the right path with this concept,” said Heidloff at the start of Wincor World 2011.

Cooperation in automating cash cycles around the world.

“We’ll be realizing other important steps in our vision through our cooperation with Giesecke & Devrient,” Heidloff went on. Giesecke & Devrient specializes in banknotes and banknote processing in central banks and cash centers. Wincor Nixdorf and its new partner intend to bundle their expertise in automating cash cycles, from consumers to banks, retail companies and CiT companies and all the way to the central bank. In addition, in the future they will work more closely together on the standardization of systems and processes, with the goal of more efficient cash processing. As part of this cooperation, the two companies will be founding the joint venture “CI Tech Components AG” for the ongoing development and marketing of security technology for testing and processing banknotes.

Designing processes for transparency and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to the extended Cash Cycle Management Portfolio, Wincor World 2011 will be focusing on software that supports the multichannel orientation of retail banks, on solutions for processing cashless payment transactions and on security solutions that protect banks and retailers from attacks across all sales channels and processes. A new generation of CINEO systems for the automation of processes in self-service banking environments and bank branches will also be on display. For retail businesses, Wincor Nixdorf will present a scalable portfolio of POS solutions and flexible self-service solutions for the checkout zone. The expanded development of its Retail Software Suite means that Wincor Nixdorf now offers a uniform software platform for supporting the various delivery channels.

Transparent systems- and cash processes.

Wincor Nixdorf presents new ideas for the efficient operation and maintenance of its solutions. IT monitoring and business monitoring of bank branch and retail store processes enjoys increasing significance among customers. For this reason, Wincor Nixdorf has developed a management dashboard solution that provides banks and retail companies with a graphical view of system, service and cash processes using dashboards. The data needed for these dashboards is provided from the information collected by the Wincor Nixdorf eServices Platform.

Increase in revenues and operating result in the first quarter.

On the occasion of the opening of Wincor World, Heidloff made a point of noting that Wincor Nixdorf’s numerous innovations have underscored its position as a leading end-to-end provider to businesses in the retail and banking sectors. During the first quarter of the current fiscal year (2010/2011), the company increased its revenue and its operating result (EBITA) by 4 percent each in comparison with the same period last year. With an eye toward the company’s course for the remainder of the fiscal year, Heidloff pointed to the continuing uncertainty regarding the speed and sustainability of the global economy’s recovery from the effects of the economic crisis. For fiscal year 2010/2011 as a whole, the company continues to strive for revenue growth of 6 percent and an increase in the operating result of 8 percent. In Heidloff’s opinion, the speed of the market’s recovery will play a decisive role in whether the company can achieve these goals.