The retail banking business is facing many challenges, and one of its main concerns is the security of ATM fleets. A lack of security may have serious financial consequences for a bank, and losing customers’ trust can harm its business even more.


Especially at a time when issues such as customer experience go hand in hand with security, the need for banks to protect their assets as well as their customer data is immense. However, when it comes to cash, there seems to be no short-age of criminal ingenuity. Whether it is cash or customer data that criminals intend to steal, the number of attacks has increased dramatically over the last
few years.

As a global player with almost 40 years of experience in ATM security, Wincor Nixdorf offers a comprehensive hardware and software security portfolio for retail banks. Not only does the 365° Security Concept developed by Wincor Nixdorf provide comprehensive “360-degree” system protection, it also works 365 days
a year.


The concept is based on an onion-layered approach: Similar to an onion, ATMs are surrounded by software and hardware layers that protect the systems not only from unauthorized access to the safe, cassettes, operating system and other terminal applications, but also from execution of any malware installed.