Delivery terms and conditions

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The delivery terms and conditions are based on Incoterms 2010 as defined by the International Chamber of Commerce.

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Orders with delivery to Germany / Europe

“CIP delivery destination” will generally apply (i.e. carriage and insurance to the delivery destination are paid by the seller, and the buyer pays the remaining costs such as customs duty).

Wincor Nixdorf may bear carriage and insurance costs in exceptional circumstances, subject to prior agreement. In these cases, delivery is based on Incoterm “FCA place of shipment” (free carrier). The seller is thus obligated to send the goods via a carrier chosen by Diebold Nixdorf and to clear them for export. If the seller chooses another carrier, Diebold Nixdorf will not bear the costs in question.

Orders with delivery outside Europe

When it comes to orders with delivery outside Europe, there is a choice of carriage by air or sea:

The delivery terms and conditions for carriage by sea correspond to “FOB port of shipment” (free on board). Here, the seller bears the transportation costs until the goods have been loaded onto the ship. Diebold Nixdorf bears all subsequent transportation costs.
The Incoterm “FCA airport of shipment” applies to carriage by air.

SDV Geis must be used both for carriage by sea and by air.

Please note:

If a carrier other than the one we specified is engaged,Diebold Nixdorf will not pay for the transportation service.

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