Acting sustainably

Wincor Nixdorf accepts its corporate responsibility and is committed to achieving a balance between its business, environmental and social interests. Sustainable action is a fundamental basis of our success, and it applies to every area of our company. Sustainability means more than just environmental protection and the careful use of resources, it also applies to our responsibility for the social environment of the company as well as to the leadership and professional growth of our employees.

As a global provider of IT solutions, we apply information technology in a manner that is as environmentally friendly and uses as few resources as possible. We provide our customers with solutions that are produced using environmentally and commercially sustainable processes at the highest level.

Throughout the company, our sustainability strategy serves as a guideline for the exercise of sustainability. Wincor Nixdorf's code of principles functions as an important foundation and orientation framework for our sustainability strategy, and is expressed in our vision, mission and values.

Against the backdrop of our company values, we have carefully reviewed our sustainability activities by area – products and suppliers, environmental protection, employees, and social responsibility – and reassessed and adjusted them as necessary. Our sustainability strategy is the source of the corresponding management approaches – in other words, the management approaches represent a detailed application of the strategy.

For the areas of products and suppliers, environmental protection, employees, and social responsibility, we show why certain aspects and their impact on Wincor Nixdorf and its stakeholders are so critical – that is, we have used a structured approach to identify and rate the sustainability aspects that are especially important to our stakeholders and our company.

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Sustainability strategy

In the following section, we will show you which sustainability aspects in the areas of products and suppliers, environmental protection, employees and social responsibility are especially important to Wincor Nixdorf:

Sustainability management

  • We conduct an intense sustainability dialog with all of our stakeholders.
  • Our sustainability management defines binding goals and rules for all employees.

Products and suppliers

  • Through reduced pollution, energy efficiency, recycling capability and our products' dependability, we ensure high customer benefits.
  • We maintain a fair, trusting relationship with our suppliers. We apply clearly defined social, ethical and environmental standards to our supplier network and continuously review them.

Environmental protection

  • Environmental responsibility is a defining principle of our company. We ensure this through a dedicated workforce and by employing an active environmental management system.
  • Energy efficiency and resource conservation are important variables in our production and infrastructure.


  • Through training and professional development, we ensure that our employees remain qualified and motivated throughout their entire careers.
  • We use our attractive working environment to recruit and retain talented individuals who enhance the company with their wide range of experience and backgrounds, and create the basis for innovations.
  • Our corporate culture is one of candor, fairness and respect. We tolerate no discrimination.
  • We are committed to human rights as well as to social and ethical standards in our relationships with all of our stakeholders
  • Safety first – a primary focus of our work each day is occupational health and safety.

Social responsibility

  • We take our social responsibility for local people seriously. Our employees and managers bring social responsibility to life.

More information is available in our online Sustainability Report.