Cash Recycling & Intelligent Deposit Systems

CINEO C4060 (4+4)

Multifunctional cash recycling system for indoor installations

CINEO C4060 (4+4)

The CINEO C4060 (4+4) is a multifunctional cash recycling system for indoor installations offering maximum capacity and flexibility.

The CINEO C4060 (4+4) is an outstanding performer offering best-in-class technology for reliable banknote recognition and handling. The CINEO C4060 (4+4) boasts a variety of functional features such as a passbook module, receipt/ information printer, barcode reader and its ability to process coins with an integrated coin out module or a coin sidecar for deposit and dispense.

Up to 17” displays, optimal component accessibility and a graphical user interface guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and user friendliness.

The CINEO C4060 (4+4) offers maximum flexibility and capacity. Its 8 cassettes allow up to 7 denominations to be recycled. With its elaborate security features, it is able to deliver a broad range of customer transactions in a secure environment. The cash recycling system can be equipped with different safes and is available both as a frontload and rearload machine, offering maximum installation flexibility.


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CINEO C4060 (4+4)