Press Archive 2013

12/18/13 | Wincor Nixdorf: top GRI rating awarded for sustainability report once again

Wincor Nixdorf’s sustainability report for fiscal 2012/2013 (1 October 2012 to 30 September 2013) has received the top A+ rating from the Global Research Initiative (GRI).

12/17/13 | Wincor Nixdorf deliver true multichannel retailing with UK’s first Polytouch terminals equipped with Chip and PIN

Wincor Nixdorf together with Pyramid Computer GmbH announced that Marks & Spencer are now entering roll out phase of the polytouch self-service terminals in its high street stores across the UK.

12/16/13 | Wincor Nixdorf to take charge of IT system services at 2,300 Aral service stations in Germany

As of January 1, 2014, Wincor Nixdorf will assume responsibility for providing services for IT systems at the service stations in Germany owned by BP and operated under the Aral brand.

12/12/13 | Sparkasse Düren again outsources IT services to Wincor Nixdorf and signs master agreement on replacing self-service systems

Sparkasse Düren has renewed its existing service agreement with Wincor Nixdorf for a further five years and is outsourcing additional services to the IT company. Sparkasse Düren will thus benefit from cost savings and a sharp reduction in its workload.

12/11/13 | New Guinness World Records Achievement Proves Time-saving Power of the Bar Code

GS1 UK supported by Wincor Nixdorf has set a new Guiness World Records™ title, outlining the efficiency benefits the bar code has been delivering since it was introduced 40 years ago. The Guiness World Records title achieved was for the Fastest time to scan 50 items, which was completed in just one minute and 15 seconds, with technology provided by Wincor Nixdorf.

12/10/13 | 150 cash recycling systems for banknotes and coins to Finnish banks

Automatia feels the time is ripe for automated cash recycling in Finland. The IT service company operates the nationwide ATM network of Finnish banks, consisting of 1,600 systems, and will install 150 Wincor Nixdorf CINEO cash recycling terminals next year.

12/2/13 | Secure operation of self-service terminals after end of support for Windows XP

Currently, a majority of all the ATMs and account statement printers installed around the world runs on Windows XP. However, Microsoft is discontinuing support for this operating system as of April 8, 2014.

11/21/13 | Wincor Nixdorf showcases innovative cashless payment solutions and new consumer experiences at CARTES 2013 in Paris

Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions to retail businesses and retail banks, is showcasing several cutting-edge payment services at the Cartes Secure Connexions event in Paris.

11/18/13 | Smart customers plan their dinner at the supermarket

Just imagine you’re in your supermarket’s fresh produce department and, while browsing through the electronic cookbook at a kiosk terminal, you come across your favorite recipe by celebrity chef of your choice.

11/11/13 | Preliminary results for fiscal 2012/2013 (Sept. 30)

Wincor Nixdorf AG has completed fiscal 2012/2013 with year-on-year growth of 5% in net sales and a significant increase of 31% in operating profit (EBITA).

11/7/13 | Wincor Nixdorf Ranked in the Top 10 of the 2013 FinTech 100

Wincor Nixdorf today announced that FinTech 100 has ranked it 10th on the 2013 FinTech 100 listing at the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Denver, Colorado. Last year, Wincor Nixdorf was ranked 12th on this prestigious list.

11/6/13 | IKEA Group relies on Wincor Nixdorf IT solutions at all furniture checkouts

IKEA Group, the world’s leading brand in home furnishing products, has entrusted its furniture point-of-sale infrastructure as well as its software and system operations to a single partner: Wincor Nixdorf.

10/29/13 | Wincor World 2014: Innovation, know-how and interaction for banks and retail companies

Innovative IT solutions and services for bank branches and retail stores are the focus of Wincor World 2014, which will be held January 21 - 23 at the A2 Forum in Rheda Wiedenbrück.

10/1/13 | Wincor Nixdorf POS systems: Sales partner Arcant GmbH takes over responsibility for distribution to resellers in Austria

Arcant GmbH has concluded a partnership to exclusively market point-of-sale systems in Austria from Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world’s leading providers of IT solutions for retailing.

9/19/13 | Wincor Nixdorf opens independent software headquarters in Utrecht

Wincor Nixdorf AG is pooling its software and professional services expertise in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Wincor Nixdorf CEO Eckard Heidloff officially opened the new Software Headquarters on September 18, 2013 in the presence of Remco van Lunteren, Member of the Provincial Executive of the Province of Utrecht.

9/5/13 | Best ATM technology:
CINEO systems receive award
from “The Banker”

Wincor Nixdorf has won the "Innovation in Technology and Transaction Banking Award 2013" in the category "Best ATM Technology" presented by the prestigious English-language magazine The Banker.

8/27/13 | Wincor Nixdorf equips 1,100 DIA stores in Spain with POS systems in ten days and adopts the service

Wincor Nixdorf has installed more than 2,000 BEETLE /M-II POS systems, including peripherals, at 1,100 stores of the Spanish discount supermarket chain DIA and will provide service for them for three years.

8/20/13 | Wincor Nixdorf delivers more than 300 reverse vending machines to Dansk Supermarked

Dansk Supermarked A/S, the leading food retailer in Denmark, has signed an exclusive framework agreement with Wincor Nixdorf

7/31/13 | Wincor Nixdorf expands ProCash family with a weatherized ATM for through-the-wall installations

Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world’s leading suppliers of IT solutions for banks and retail companies, has expanded its range of robust, compact ATMs in the ProCash family with a new weatherized system. ProCash 285’s simple and intuitive design allows for easy cash withdrawals.

7/29/13 | İş Bank: Innovative customer service with cash recycling systems from Wincor Nixdorf

Türkiye İş Bankası, Turkey's biggest bank in terms of active assests , has ordered 335 CINEO Cash Recycling systems from Wincor Nixdorf. Installation of the systems will start this summer. The order also includes software applications and a service contact for maintenance of the hardware and software.

7/25/13 | Growth impetus from emerging markets proves effective:
Wincor Nixdorf lifts forecast after first nine months

Wincor Nixdorf AG recorded growth of 8% in net sales and of 33% in operating profit (EBITA) during the first nine months of the current fiscal year 2012/2013.

7/11/13 | Wincor Nixdorf continues expansion in emerging markets: representative office opens in Nigeria

Wincor Nixdorf, one of the world's leading providers of IT solutions and services for banks and retail businesses, is opening a new representative office in Lagos, the largest city in the western African country of Nigeria.

6/21/13 | Italy’s UniCredit opts for CINEO systems and services from Wincor Nixdorf

UniCredit, the biggest bank in Italy, will be gradually procuring automated teller machines and cash recycling systems from Wincor Nixdorf’s new CINEO generation over the next three years, in a replacement project addressing almost 50 percent of its installed base of self-service systems.

6/6/13 | Wincor Nixdorf receives approval for automated teller safes with recycling function as customer-operated banknote dispensers

The German Bundesbank has approved three automated teller safe models with recycling function from Wincor Nixdorf to be used as customer-operated cash recycling machines. The systems – from the CINEO C6030 and C6040 to the C6050 – thus meet the requirements of the European Central Bank in accordance with the ECB framework. As a result, bank customers will, for the first time, not only be able to withdraw banknotes directly from the ATS, but also deposit them into the system.

5/21/13 | REWE selects 10,000 new low-power POS terminals from Wincor Nixdorf

The REWE Group is always testing new ways to make its IT systems more energy-efficient.

5/13/13 | Wincor Nixdorf is market leader for multivendor software in Europe and Latin America

Wincor Nixdorf has taken over as market leader in Europe and Latin America for multivendor application software for ATMs, according to a study published by the British market research company RBR.

5/8/13 | Customer experience starts at the ATM

At the European ATMs 2013 Conference and Expo, Wincor Nixdorf will show banks how they can optimise the self-service banking experience of their customers through hardware, software and services tailored for seamless interaction.

5/6/13 | Intelligent campaign management across all channels

Digital marketing across all channels made easy: With its latest version of the one-to-one marketing software PC/E Direct Marketing, Wincor Nixdorf simplifies operation of digital signage applications and controlling of digital signage screens.

4/30/13 | SECU Chooses Wincor Nixdorf Multi-Vendor Software Solution; Increases Efficiency, Reduces Expenses, Enhances Member ATM Experience for Nation’s Second Largest Credit Union

Wincor Nixdorf recently signed an agreement with SECU to provide a wide range of multi-vendor software solutions to manage the credit union’s fleet of over 1,100 ATMs. Wincor Nixdorf’s “ProClassic” multi-vendor software suite was chosen by the credit union for its broad range of functionality, scalability and ease of implementation.

4/24/13 | Significant growth in net sales and earnings in first half of the year – Outlook more positive compared to forecast at beginning of fiscal year

Having completed the first two quarters of fiscal 2012/2013, Wincor Nixdorf AG sees a slightly more positive outlook for its business over the course of the financial year as a whole.

4/18/13 | Wincor Nixdorf pools development expertise under the direction of Dr. Thorsten Nottebaum

Dr. Thorsten Nottebaum (51) will take on the position of Head of Development at Wincor Nixdorf, IT specialist for retail banks and retailers, on June 1, 2013.

4/17/13 | Angola's biggest ATM operator relies on Wincor Nixdorf's IT management software

Angola's leading ATM network operator will in future be using Wincor Nixdorf's ProView software to handle IT service management for its 2000 self-service systems.

4/12/13 | Wincor Nixdorf wins major contract from NorgesGruppen for 2.5 million electronic shelf-labeling displays

By the end of 2013, Wincor Nixdorf aims to equip in cooperation with his partner Store Electronic Systems (ses) the stores of the Norwegian retailer NorgesGruppen AS with about 2.5 million electronic shelf-labeling (ESL) displays.

4/8/13 | Gregor Lehnert Group (UGL) supports Wincor Nixdorf's Cash Cycle Management concept

Wincor Nixdorf and the Gregor Lehnert Group (UGL) have agreed to expand their ongoing cooperation and have signed a partnership agreement aimed at making cash processes at banks and retail companies more efficient.

3/12/13 | Caisses d'Epargne Provence Alpes Corse opts for CINEO systems from Wincor Nixdorf

Caisses d'Epargne Provence Alpes Corse is modernizing its ATM network and has commissioned Wincor Nixdorf to install 145 CINEO ATMs and cash recycling systems.

2/28/13 | 
Withdraw cash at the ATM with the smartphone instead of a bank card

Smartphone instead of bank card: A new solution is available that will enable bank customers to withdraw cash from automated teller machines in the future by using a smartphone instead of a bank card.

2/26/13 | Tesco honors Wincor Nixdorf at New York retail event

British retail company Tesco presented its supplier of the year award for outstanding service to Wincor Nixdorf during the NRF Big Show in New York City.

2/21/13 | Wincor Nixdorf and eServGlobal to showcase integrated mobile money solution at the Mobile World Congress

Wincor Nixdorf and eServGlobal, one of the world’s leading mobile money specialists, will use the Mobile World Congress as a stage to showcase new and extended concepts which enable consumers with no access to a bank account to use their mobile phone to deposit, withdraw or transfer money through ATMs.

2/18/13 | Wincor Nixdorf showcases groundbreaking IT solutions for retailing at EuroCIS 2013

A new tablet solution for mobile advice and checking out, the “electronic wallet” for paying by smartphone, the flexible checkout for attended and self-service checkout processes, further developed Cash Cycle Management technology for rational payment processes...

2/15/13 | Fraunhofer IAO trend study launched – Urban Living Lab with state-of-the-art self-service technology

What will the bank of the future look like? Where does innovation potential lie in banking in the future? The Bank & Future innovation forum provides answers to these questions.

2/5/13 | Wincor Nixdorf installs self-service terminals in Spanish fast food chain

Spanish fast food chain Pans & Company has sped up food ordering and payment process with self-service technology.

2/4/13 | easybank ATMs for 125 Shell service stations in Austria

By the end of this year, customers will be able to withdraw cash at Shell service stations in Austria using their current account or credit card.

1/30/13 | Simple testing of the front-office application before installation

After obtaining interface certification from SAP for its front-office application last year, Wincor Nixdorf and SAP has now created a joint evaluation package to enable banks around the world to see and experience how current account and savings account transactions are handled end-to-end with the connected SAP Deposit Management solution, and how the application is operated later in practice.

1/21/13 | AGM Approves Dividend Payment of €1.05 per Share – Change to Supervisory Board

The shareholders of Wincor Nixdorf AG approved all items on the agenda of today's Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Paderborn with overwhelming majorities.

1/21/13 | Change at Helm of Supervisory Board in Line with Articles of Association

As part of today's Annual General Meeting (AGM), Wincor Nixdorf AG will see a change in the chairmanship of its Supervisory Board.

1/21/13 | Wincor Nixdorf AG: "No Sign of Sustained Improvement
Despite Growth in First Quarter – Outlook Confirmed"

Wincor Nixdorf AG has ended the first quarter of the current fiscal year with net sales up 10% on the figure posted for the same period a year ago.

1/16/13 | Wincor Nixdorf Expands Board of Directors

The Supervisory Board of Wincor Nixdorf AG has appointed Jens Bohlen (50), currently responsible for the company's IT Services business, to the Board of Directors, effective from January 1, 2013. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board has announced its decision to appoint Olaf Heyden (49) as an additional member of the Board of Directors.

1/14/13 | Wincor Nixdorf to Showcase ‘Game Changing’ Retail Technologies at NRF

Wincor Nixdorf will underscore its role as an international leader in innovation and IT solutions for the retail industry by presenting at the National Retail Federation Annual Convention and EXPO in New York City from January 13th through 16th.

1/10/13 | Efficient, Transparent, Secure Cash Handling

Cash handling for retailers is laborious and expensive. Store employees spend too much time counting cash holdings, and logistics costs are high.

1/7/13 | Mobile cashless payments with the Wincor Wallet

The Wincor Wallet turns the smart phone into a wallet. Using the "electronic wallet" cashless payments in all retail and service station sales channels can be handled simply and securely.