NAMOS paylane

Paylane OPT

Customer-convenient and flexible outdoor payment portfolio for all types of Retail Stores covering the complete market range from a line display to a full multimedia and touch screen based terminal in a manned or unmanned environment.
Based on proven standard hard- and software components, the NAMOS paylane family is a global set of solutions, setting new standards in terms of usability, openness and flexibility.

Its architecture, based on Microsoft technologies, enables the easy integration of  country specific EFT solutions and provides flexible interfacing options to forecourt equipment and POS, providing independence from traditional pump suppliers.


Intelligent mechanisms enable Petroleum Retailers to remotely administrate and support the products. Automatic scheduled tasks can shutdown, reboot, upgrade the software in a silent way, e.g. at night, taking care that no customer interaction is interrupted. Operational statistics are provided to be able to have a pre-emptive service approach.