Global Expansion

Big players in retail anticipated early that they need to expand their network of stores or service stations into new markets, if they want to grow their business. Global operations accounted for nearly one quarter of the top 250 retailers’ revenues in 2014 according to Deloitte. Especially French and German retailers, which already generate about 45 percent of their total revenues from foreign operations in up to 30 different countries, are striving for an even broader geographical footprint. At the same time, the share of retailers that operate only within their domestic borders declined to less than 37 percent.


Retailers have clear expectations how to accelerate global growth, especially if they are centrally managed. Once they agree to a “master plan” for the opening a new store in a new market, they can trust a partner to multiply the concept across countries. A partner that implements a fully integrated solution portfolio and has the experience to manage local suppliers efficiently paves the way to global success.